Did you know that a study in 2020 showed that hearing birdsong improves human wellbeing?

It’s not just that the birdsong they heard lifted the subjects spirits – but the people in the study perceived more birdsong as an indicator of greater bio-diversity, and this in turn made them feel better.

It’s a really interesting study, mentioned in the Independent in Dec 2020 and one of the pieces of research that convinced us that we were doing the right thing setting up the project

The research was undertaken by the California State Polytechnic University and involved tests on hikers!

‘On the first section of a trail, hikers who heard more birdsong simply reported that they felt better but didn’t comment that they thought more birds lived along that part of the trail. But hikers who heard more birdsong on the other section said that they thought more birds lived along that section of trail, and researchers found this perception of more species was responsible for making hikers feel better.’

How interesting! And, perhaps it shows how much we benefit from living in a healthy diverse eco-system – mentally, and physically.

Photo by Jason Pearce