We hope that you are having a great start to 2022!

We have been busy trying to get all of the automation sequences to work, and the next bit we are trying to get automated is the upload of the daily recording. At the moment, we are having to do this manually and it is taking a couple of hours to sort out which means we are doing it after work.

The fix will be a while coming, so for now the live stream is still on each morning half an hour before dawn, then broadcast on youtube for two hours. If you want to hear the recording sometime during the day, just reverse the youtube stream until you hear birdsong! The recording for the day will be uploaded that evening, and so this means that the audio on the page is from the previous day up till the time the new one is added. We just want to clarify that is what we are doing, so it is clear!

We have had lots of positive feedback so far and know that many of you are enjoying listening to the dawn chorus either in the background of your working day, on headphones as you relax, or on headphones as you do the housework! We love to hear your stories of how you are listening, so please share them with us!

Just to highlight, that the recordings we are trying to achieve are minute accurate and start at a pre-set time (as one of our long term aims is to provide scientifically accurate data recordings). The recordings start exactly 30 minutes before dawn (at our location in Cornwall, UK) and the recording duration is now 120 minutes as from 2022 we have decided to run the recordings for longer.


Photo by Ingemar Johnsson on Unsplash