Last year we recorded the Winter Solstice Dawn Chorus in a lo-fi way with CCTV microphones and a laptop.

Our friend Chris Jones of The Beaver Trust told us that from this day each year the birds ramp up their singing, even though it is really the depths of winter – they do this because they can sense that mating season is just around the corner.

You can hear that it rained last year on the recording – there is not much we can do about the rain but it does add to the ambience!

Just to highlight, that the recordings we are trying to achieve are minute accurate and start at a pre-set time (as one of our long term aims is to provide scientifically accurate data recordings). The recordings start exactly 30 minutes before dawn (at our location in Cornwall, UK) and the recording duration is 90 minutes.

above is the recording we made last year on our laptop (no automation involved)

(photo credit: Andy Holmes on Unsplash)