If you have ever stopped to listen to the dawn chorus, you will know what a magical experience it is.

We know that where we live we are very lucky to hear so many birds every morning, and we also know that many people are not as fortunate as us. So last year, during lockdown, we decided it would be a great gift to share this experience with other people who may not have the time, or the space, or location to enjoy the dawn chorus each morning.

So, with starter funding from the Peter Willams ‘I’ve Got An Idea‘ memorial fund we have been working away in our spare time trying to create a website which will automatically record and automatically upload the dawn chorus each day live from the location where we live in Mid Cornwall. 

This is not as easy as it sounds as each day the start of the dawn chorus moves in time –  in the winter it gets later but after winter solstice, the dawn chorus starts to move earlier and earlier each day until the height of summer when it begins at around 3 in the morning! 

So we are aiming to have a site that gives you the opportunity to hear the dawn chorus each day and listen back to the previous week’s recording too, if you want to.

So welcome, and do follow us on facebook for latest info and check back here now and again as we update the site (which we are still testing!)

(Photo by Regine Tholen on Unsplash)