Today’s recording (Thursday 23rd Dec) turned on automatically, but did not turn off! It has some lovely bird singing, but the traffic noise is worse than usual as the farms down the road are doing collection days for Christmas food. Obviously, since a road is near to us you can sometimes hear traffic, but as the dawn gets earlier and earlier each day this will lessen. It is just that at 7am on the Thursday before Christmas, it is bound to be a bit busier! Once we have our other locations running they are further away from roads (also means they are less easy for us to get to to fix problems which is why we did not start with those first!)

Just to highlight, that the recordings we are trying to achieve are minute accurate and start at a pre-set time (as one of our long term aims is to provide scientifically accurate data recordings). The recordings start exactly 30 minutes before dawn (at our location in Cornwall, UK) and the recording duration is 90 minutes. (NB: For 2022 we have changed this to 120 minutes)

(Photo by Simon from Unsplash)