What do they say about never working with animals and technology?After much faff this morning (22nd December), today’s Dawn Chorus recording is now live on the website! We are still ironing out some of the automation issues (by doing it manually), but we are getting there!

Please note that the Youtube link only works for the livestream (currently starting around 7am – this time will move backwards as it gets lighter each day) and so once the live stream today finished we took it down to put the proper recording up (this also had the added benefit of removing Swen’s swearing over the live stream when he had a tech issue to sort out!) Enjoy!

Just to highlight, that the recordings we are trying to achieve are minute accurate and start at a pre-set time (as one of our long term aims is to provide scientifically accurate data recordings). The recordings start exactly 30 minutes before dawn (at our location in Cornwall, UK) and the recording duration is 90 minutes. (NB: For 2022 we have changed this to 120 minutes)