Since we received our seed funding from the I’ve got an idea Fund to help us set our Dawn Chorus Live Project, we have been struggling to do our day jobs and complete the project! In the mean time we have also been getting up earlier and earlier each day to try and record the dawn chorus!

We have hit numerous problems from tech not arriving due to supply chain issues and tech being faulty…

Firstly the ‘waterproof microphones’ that we had originally used, which seemed fine, failed with daily use from, yes you guessed it, water ingress.

We then ordered different microphones but then they were arrived from the company they had sent the wrong set! We then re-ordered them but due to the Panama Canal block they arrived 14 weeks late!

We now we seem to have found a good supplier of other equipment for field recordings, so are investigating what else they have – nothing to record birds automatically though!

We also had issues with the Raspberry Pi that we bought as it did not work (grrhh!) so we then had to wait for a replacement…but then the coding was more tricky than we thought..

In the meantime, we have been getting up at 3am every day to record dawn chorus manually (we have had some misses where the weather has been bad) and we both went back to work FULL full time. It does mean that final launch is significantly delayed. Here is how the desk currently looks – watch this space!